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   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia

The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
What's in the name: Cartagena?

Our FIFTH Anniversary in Cartagena

Our Mission:

To effectively use the power of the Internet to increase the income, and add value to the businesses of our Home Page clients. To help improve the over-all economy of the areas we serve. To offer Domain Registration, Hosting, Home Pages and Home Page Promotion at the most favorable prices available. To “give back”, promoting needy human rights causes in the communities we serve.

Our Medium:
The Internet

The Internet is the only promotional medium that is Local, National and International. Only the Internet offers the demographics needed for cost effective promotion of our clients and the areas we serve. Serious businesses, both large and small, use their Internet Home Pages as the FOUNDATION, and the very beginning of their Promotion Program! is headquartered in Cartagena, Colombia. We also have offices in Mérida, Venezuela (, (

Cartagena office location:
Bocagrande, Cra. 1 Calle 13 Edificio Cartagena de Indias - Local 1, Cartagena, Colombia.
Ofc. Telephone: (57 5) 665 0515

Rosa Severiche - Webmaster :::
Paul Juan - Marketing Manager :::
James Bone - Owner :::
Rosa Severiche
Cell: 57 317 259 7748
Marketing Manager:
Paul Juan
James Bone
In memoriam

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For information about W.R., INC., (our parent corporation) CLICK ON ABOVE LINK (Spanish) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Major Portal: tourism, professionals, investments (English) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Major Portal: tourism, professionals, investments (English) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Preferred Places of Lodging (Spanish) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Preferred Places of Lodging (Spanish) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Preferred Restaurants with current Menu’s & Prices (English) A C T I V E Cartagena’s Preferred Restaurants with current Menu’s & Prices (English) A C T I V E Featuring Preferred Businesses operating in the Rosario Islands (Spanish) A C T I V E Featuring Preferred Businesses operating in the Rosario Islands (Spanish) A C T I V E Domains, Hosting, Design, Promotion-Guaranteed Results-Lowest Prices (English) A C T I V E is an automatic re-direct to (English) A C T I V E

Q. Why so many domains?

Experience has shown that our Specialty Domains, such as: restaurants, hotels, Rosarios, Real estate, Medical, etc., etc., receive better Search Engine Results when the www. domain name is the same or closely relates to the key words people enter into the Search Engines.

Promotion on the Internet must be quickly available to the widest possible audience: local, national and international. In addition to Design, Home Pages must be Promoted or they are a waste of both money and time. Search Engines help people locate Home Pages. Promotion to the Search Engines is the KEY for increased visitors to Home Pages. Eighty-five to ninety percent of all new visits to Home Pages arrive via LINKS provided by Search Engines. W.R., Inc., on a daily basis, uses powerful proprietary Search Engine Submission Software to promote our clients Home Pages, the above Domains and Portals.

Additionally, Search Engines will often give better search results to Home Pages which have good relative content, are large in size, updated frequently, and popular as measured by the number of LINKS provided by other, related topic sites. All of our Portals, Specialty Domains and client Home Pages are CROSS LINKED to quickly help users locate the information they are searching for. The benefits to our Home Page clients are measurable-more exposure brings more visitors to their Home Pages.

The Portal, is The Guide for all Cartagena. Currently The Guide contains more than 400 printed pages and more than 1,400 photographs. A major reason for the high number of daily visitors to The Guide is total information about Cartagena. For example The Guide includes basic information on all restaurants, hotels, etc. etc. in Cartagena. We highlight our Client Home Pages and provide as many as eight different LINK routes from the front page of The Guide to our clients Home Pages. Portal’s provide Home Page clients with instant visitors from the very first day a new client’s Home Page appears in The Guide. Our Specialty Domains feature only Home Page clients which appear in the Portal, The Guide To Cartagena. Promotion in our Specialty Domains is our promotional gift, at no increase in cost, to our valued clients!

Our Policy on Copyright

Our dual Mission is to promote our clients, and promote Cartagena. Unfortunately the legalities of copyright can be an obstruction to our concept of promotion. Our Portals contain thousands of references to “Copyright”, and while they appear to be strictly copyrighted, this is only done to satisfy some Search Engines whose algorithms give better search results when they “see” the word: “Copyright”.

Please feel free to copy any material or photographs, which we have created, that are positive in their promotion of Cartagena. It is not necessary to contact us for permission, however please mention: "Cartagena, Colombia", and if possible, the domain address: ( of our Portal.

Note: Home Pages of our clients are copyrighted in their name. To use material from their Home Pages, do the right thing, send them an E-Mail, asking for their permission.

FAIR USE COPYRIGHT LAW. Our sites do contain some copyrighted material that in some cases may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available to our reader/visitors in our efforts to advance the economy, and or social justice issues related to the areas we serve. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on these sites is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information see:

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