1. Our "modern name" is: "Cartagena, Colombia"
2. Our historic and official name is: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
3. The name Cartagena was copied from Cartagena, Spain.
4. Colombia also has a small town known as: Cartagena del Chaira.
5. Believe it or not, we are also known as: Cartagena, Columbia.

1. Our "modern name" is: Cartagena, Colombia
CartagenaInfo uses the Internet as our only promotion tool. We understand and satisfy the requirements of successful, low cost promotion on the Internet. We know how to benefit from the power of the Search Engines to bring visitors to our Portal and to our Home Page clients. We know, for example, that most Searcher's use the name: Cartagena and as part of their Search Words. This includes people searching from within Colombia where all are familiar with our historic name. Entering one word instead of three is faster! Many search's involving our city use at least three words: our city, country, and then more specifically what they are searching for. A primary example would be: cartagena colombia hotels, or in Spanish: cartagena colombia hoteles.
Cartagena, Colombia

2. Our historic and "official" name is: Cartagena de Indias
Cartagena, Colombia
The early Spanish explorers were searching for a more direct trading route to the spices of India and so their efforts were described as La Ruta de India. Even though this was a major topographical mistake of the times, the name is still revered in Colombia for it's historic significance.

The name: Cartagena de Indias does however cause a problem when used in international promotion of the city. In their ignorance, many foreigners who are not familiar with our historic name, still identify us as being located within the country of India! This identity miss understanding can negatively effect internet promotion of our city with some Search Engines.
Search Engines are responsible for linking more than 80% of new visitors to Home Pages and their importance to successful Internet promotion cannot be over stated. Some Cartageneros insist: "at any cost, we must promote our historic name". Others, who seem more practical say: When promoting internationally we should also use our modern name: Cartagena, Colombia, maintaining that it's more important to invite tourists and investors with our modern, more universally accepted name. The time to educate tourists and investors about our historic name is when they are here! Let's not "loose" them before they even get a chance to visit!

3. The name Cartagena was copied from Cartagena, Spain
Like Cartagena, Colombia, the Cartagena in Spain is a walled city with a fine harbor. The city was founded in 230 BC by a Carthaginian, and at one time it was said to be one of the richest cities in the world. Today this seaport city in Spain has about 200,000 inhabitants as opposed to Cartagena, Colombia's 1,000,000. When those who are new to searching enter just the name Cartagena, many of the results will include this Spanish city.
Cartagena, Colombia

4. Colombia also has a small town: Cartagena Del Chaira
Cartagena del Chaira is a small town of 11,000 in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, far from the coastal city of Cartagena. The economy is heavily drug related and the problems there have an effect on Cartagena because of the confusion of the names. Many killings, kidnappings and drug related events which have taken place in this town have been incorrectly reported by the foreign press as having taken place in Cartagena on the Caribbean.

5. Believe it or not, we are also known as: Cartagena, Columbia
Cartagena, Colombia
Most people in the United States and Canada are very familiar with the spelling of the name "Columbia", which is very common in these countries. When searches for our city are made from these countries Columbia is used more often than the correct spelling of our country. This also causes confusion and Search Results problems with many who use the Search Engines.

At CartagenaInfo, we are serious and therefore the solution is simple: cover all bases. We promote to the major 200 international Search Engines on a daily basis. Our Portals and client Home Pages are promoted using meta tag programming which relates to all (1,2,5) of the above names for Cartagena, Columbia. We even own, and promote the domain name: www.cartagenacolumbia.net to capitalize on the error! In promotion it's all about attracting maximum positive attention for the least investment!

In Cartagena, promotion is all about the very slow process of educating business decision makers as to the proven results www.cartagenainfo.com offers.

At CartagenaInfo our Mission is simple: we are serious, and do what ever is necessary to improve the income of our Home Page clients as we continue to improve the economy of Cartagena, on the Internet.


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