- La Guia de Cartagena, Colombia
   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia

The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia

Our Mission for helping Cartagena on The Caribbean

Our Mission is based upon four years of successful operation in Merida, Venezuela. with This is the most popular tourism website in Venezuela with visitors, or "hits" numbering about 21,000, or more, per day. Our cost for home pages (in Spanish and English) is the lowest in South America. The effectiveness of our Home Pages is documented. Our Money Back Guarantee is unique in the industry.

On May 22, 2001 we began Step One in Cartagena. Our mission: Utilize the expanding power of the internet to promote the economy of Cartagena and the incomes of our Home Page clients.

Step One

First, we build the PROMOTIONAL CONTENT of, reasons to visit and invest in Cartagena. Our Guia de Cartagena will become the most complete internet Guide Book representing Cartagena. Our promotional work in Venezuela includes 700 pages (if printed), more than 500 beautiful high resolution color photos, plus maps, airline, and buss schedules, tourist attractions, history, etc. etc. We are confident that CartagenaInfo, will be even more extensive.

Today is June 30, and with each passing day, our promotional work in Cartagena continues, with three people working full time. We use the latest equipment and connect to the fastest (dsl) line available in Cartagena. During this three month period, we cannot accept any Home Page Contracts, however, we will be pleased to take reservations for appointments.

Step Two

As we complete the PROMOTIONAL CONTENT, we will begin to promote to the major Search Engines, which together represent 85 % of the more than 3 million searches made on the internet, each day. Search Engines are used by people to find our website, and the home pages of our clients. We use the best proprietary software to promote our Home Pages to the Search Engines. Our use of high speed lines and fast pc's makes this vital requirement possible. Promotion to the Search Engines is a continuous, never ending effort. Home Pages which receive very few visitors, are a waste of money, and more important: a waste of time.

Step Three

When we can demonstrate both our promotional work, and a growing number of visitors to, we will begin to sell, design, program and promote client Home Pages-one in Spanish, the other in English. The cost will be the same as in Venezuela-$100.00 u.s. (converted to pesos) per year, with discounts for extended Contracts. Please refer to our Contract, and printed on the reverse side, our: Money Back Guarantee.

Step Four……continue with steps 1,2, and 3

We must continue to Change and add to our extensive Content. We uplink information to: on a daily basis. Most web sites do not change for months or more! The Popularity of our website is measured by the number of other websites which offer links to our website. Search Engines give first page recognition to web sites which provide: Content, Change and Popularity. For Cartagena, and our clients, we must have all 3!

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