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Cartagena is located on the Caribbean Sea, in the northwestern corner of Colombia, far removed from the problems of the distant south.

Cartagena is the most popular tourist destination in Colombia, and a favorite international “getaway” destination, via our modern international airport. Click for airlines, schedules, and prices.

The romance of the Caribbean, and our historic setting of antique walls, fortifications, colonial mansions and imposing cathedrals forms the world’s largest natural “set” for just such a Festival. Care to take a photographic Walking Tour of The Walled City? Click for a dramatic aerial auto scan panorama of Cartagena.

Our climate is sunny and tropical, with warm weather year round. Average temperature is 28 degrees Centagrade ( 85 F) with cool sea breezes in the evenings. The beach area extends 15 kilometers (9 miles) and is only a seashells throw from many of our luxury hotels, restaurants boutiques, Emerald and Gold stores, nightspots and casinos. And for diving, snorkeling, and nature enthusiasts, the nearby 26 Rosario Islands offer aquatic conditions that are truly pristine.

Festival participants are normally lodged in the tourist area of Bocagrande, mainly in the Caribe Hotel, which serves as headquarters of the Festival. Special rates are also offered to participants in the Sofitel Santa Clara, Charleston Santa Teresa, Cartagena Hilton, the Hotel Bahia, the Hotel Capilla del Mar, the Intercontinental, the Michel Plaza, the El Dorado and others. Or, if you have another favorite, here’s a complete listing of: Cartagena Lodging.


The films of the 44nd. Festival will be screened in seven theaters throughout the city, including the historic downtown Auditorio Getsemani in the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center. Additionally, films will be presented in the luxurious Cinema Bocagrande, the Ejecutivos I and II, and the Multiplex Castellana I, II, III and VI Theaters.

More than 80 (eighty) films will be shown in the above theaters to more than 100,000 movie-goers, including the official competitive section for Ibero-american Film, the non competitive Ibero-American, and International sections, the Premiers.


The juries, international bodies, comprised of world renowned figures in their fields, are invited to evaluate the different sections.


All of the awards in each of the different sections and categories will receive a gold statue of The Catalina Indian.


Journalists from all over the world are invited to cover this annual event which also has its own television news programs during the Festivals duration.


For additional information including regulations, entry forms, lodging, reservations, etc. please contact the offices of the :

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena
Calle San Juan de Dios, Baluarte San Francisco Javier Apartado Aéro 1834
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Telephones: (57 5) 660 1037
Fax: (57 5) 660 0970
Web Site:
Director-Founder: Victor Nieto
Coordinator: Gerardo Nieto

The International Film Festival – Cartagena, Colombia

Since 1960 we´ve been getting ready for this event that takes place every year, beginning 1st to 10th., of March, 2002. Ten days of extraordinary visual entertainment. This year we celebrate the 44nd International Film Festival of Cartagena, which is organized by the international Film Festival Corporation of Cartagena. A non-profit civic entity, the festival is supported by the International Federation of Film Producers Association, F.I.A.P.F. and the Motion Picture Association of America.

Cartagena is located in the northeastern corner of South America on the Caribbean Sea. It is our tourists most important destination in Colombia because of the beauty of the old city walls, and the historic and imposing colonial neighborhood of the 1700th century.

Our 44nd Film Festival will be shown in several theaters in the city of Cartagena. Getsemani Auditorium, The Convention Center, Cinema Bocagrande, Multiplex Castellana 1,2,3, and 4th theater, the Ejecutivos theater 1and 2. More than 80 films are going to be shown in these theaters.

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