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Welcome to International Cinema &
Television Festival of Cartagena, Colombia

February 27 - March 7, 2009
49º Versión



Jurado Oficial: Daniela Weber (Programmer for the Berlin Film Festival), Martín Caparrós (Journalist), Affonso Beato (Director of Photography), Lisandro Duque (Director) y Lola Calviño (BA in Art History).

Cine Colombiano: Juan Carlos Arciniegas (Journalist), Curra Ortiz de Solórzano (Producer), Felipe Aljure (Director), Eduardo Arias (Writer) y Humberto Dorado (Actor).

Documentales: Diego Rojas (Critic), Margarita De la Vega Hurtado (Critic), Marcelo Céspedes (Filmmaker and Producer) y Oscar Campo Hurtado (Journalist).

Festival Internacional de Cine y TV de Cartagena, Colombia

Evaluación de Los Cortometrajes: Patricia Ercole (Actress), Jesús Gonzáles Requeña (Writer) e Iván Barrios (Journalist).

Concurso de La Televisión: Viena Ruiz (Announcer), Germán Yances (Journalist) y Javier Darío Restrepo (Journalist).

Nuevos Creadores:
Camilo Barón Riveros (Journalist), José Alejandro Restrepo (Director), Eduardo Hernández Fuentes (Artist) y Rafael Ortiz (Artist).

Corto en Construcción: Augusto Bernal (Critic).

The Festival has a progressive and innovating reputation for presenting/displaying the better videos of the continent. Recognition in the field of Television and Video enthusiastically has been received by more than fifty producers, buying agents and exhibitors. During the Festival, Cartagena is transformed into a milkshake of emotions emanating of the participants in the theaters, spilling itself by the streets, in coffee of paths and restaurants, like participants and Cartageneros as well as profits celebrated in the past years in: Cinema, Video and TV. And what better place than Cartagena, the City in the Caribbean. An experience of history, architecture, beauty and romantic nights, attracting visitors by twisted streets horse cars under footlights. Music, art, amiable people, good restaurants, entertainment, commerce and the Festival.

All this together, in the 49 International Cinema & Television Festival of Cartagena.
Come, celebrate and enjoy!!!

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