- The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia


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Health Tourism
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There are many reasons to combine a vacation while receiving health care services, in Cartagena. Among them: high personal safety, our nearby international airport, world class hotels, restaurants, shopping, the beaches, islands, nightlife, casinos, bargain prices, and of course, the biggest draw is the city itself- historic, beautiful, clean, romantic, friendly, and right on the tropical, warm waters of the Caribbean.

Many health/tourists report that Cartagena´s low cost medical services drastically reduced or even completely paid for their Cartagena vacation! Medical/Dental costs, are typically only 25-40% of stateside prices! As medical and insurance prices in Europe and North America continue to skyrocket, the appeal of health/tourism in Cartagena continues to gain increasing popularity.

Here’s to your health, or “your great new look”, plus good times in Cartagena!

Your Health AND Appearance

Colombia has long been regarded as a leading health care provider in South America and Caribbean. The World Bank, in a September 1995 report, featured Colombia´s Health/Tourism potential. Since that time, Cartagena´s “potential” has grown into reality, as thousands of foreign patients/tourists annually visit Cartagena.

Most Cartagena doctors, nurses and technicians receive their training from Cartagenas medical and dental universities. The City also attracts many of Colombia´s best doctors, who establish their practice in Cartagena. Many members of our medical community also complete post grad courses at universities in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

International Medical/Dental, equipment, and drug manufacturers regularly provide state-of-the-art classes for Cartagena medical/dental professionals, working in conjunction with our Cartagena universities.

Language is generally not a concern, and many Doctors and Dentists have a good working knowledge of English, as well as Spanish.

World Bank Report

Following is an excerp from the World Bank report, entitled: Prospects for Health Tourism Exports for the English Speaking Caribbean.)

        Due to Colombia’s relatively low costs and high quality, private health services have been highly attractive ... Private health services in Colombia have comparative advantages over the Caribbean due to the low costs of medical and paramedical personnel, the availability of high technology equipment, and facilities which in some cases have good international reputations. Moreover, modern hospital administrative systems and quality assurance programs are being developed to make these services more attractive to the US market.

Friendly bi-lingual help to assist you, every step of the way

Cartagena Travel agencies regularly assist international Health/Tourism clients. They are professionals, who offer a complete range of bi-lingual services, such as: meeting you at the airport, hotel/restaurant reservations, handling all your transportation needs, and of course bi-lingual guided tours for shopping and sight seeing. When you e-mail them, be sure to ask for estimated costs of the services you will need. The Guide To Cartagena is confident that you will happy with their good attention and modest fees.

Lodging Options

Cartagena offers a wide variety of lodging options. You can enjoy an island hotel in the Rosario Islands, 5 star hotels located in modern Bocagrande, or the historic and romantic walled city called: El Centro. Also available, are budget, family, and mid priced hotels, with prices from $5-35 u.s. per person, per night.

Guide To Cartagena

The Guide To Cartagena contains more than 300 pages and 700 photographs, all about Cartagena. Complete with maps, airline info, attractions, hotels, restaurants, stores, photo gallery, etc., plus many fast loading Home Pages. Deal direct with the recommended Home Page businesses, or use a recommended travel agency, the choice is yours.

A-Z Listing of Medical Professionals

Below is an A-Z Listing of Cartagena Clinics, Medical and Dental Practitioners. Contact them directly for questions relating to your medical needs, estimated expenses, procedures, recovery times, etc.

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