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The Cartagena Colombia Restaurant Guide has nearly two hundred listings with more being added each week. The Guide is arranged alphabetically, by types of food from "A", American, Arabic, etc. to "V", for Vegetarian.

CartagenaInfo is ALL about Cartagena, and therefore we include the very finest, internationally recognized restaurants, as well as typical restaurants which serve the working class and students.

The basic requirement of all restaurants is: Cleanliness. We can easily determine if the restaurant is clean during our very first visit. We check the kitchen, the bathrooms, storage rooms, plates and silverware. If they are not clean, we do not offer them a Home Page.

Ask a world traveler what comes to their mind when they think of Cartagena, and the answer will nearly always include a positive gastronomic comment. The answer will always include FOOD, for we have more than our fair share of world class restaurants.

CartagenaInfo maintains complete neutrality, and therefore we refuse to provide: "personal recommendations". Our standardized Home Page format is designed to quickly help our web site visitors determine, with a high degree of accuracy, which Restaurants appeal to them, to be followed up with E-mail contact if possible.

All listings appear in alphabetical order. Client listings appear in bold type, with direct links to their Home Pages, one Page in Spanish and the other in English. Some clients also have Home Pages with additional languages.

Please "Bookmark" or add this web site to your "Favorites". Each week we add more Home Pages. Based on our experience, a high percentage of Restaurant owners will eventually understand and appreciate our community concept and become a valuable addition in support of our mission: to present all of Cartagena, Colombia on the Internet.

Restaurant prices and service vary considerably, and therefore it is not possible to generalize. Menu selections, food quality, and service at the very finest restaurants, are "world class". Prices for fine dinning, however, tend to be as little as one half or even a quarter of comparable costs in the United States or Europe.


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