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Movie stars, Millionaires, and VIPs get married in the worlds most romantic
locations, such as Cartagena, Colombia.


Cartagena, Colombia
Discover how YOU can make it work!

When you're ready to plan that very special event, we can help. This website is all about Cartagena on the Caribbean, one of the western hemispheres most fun- filled, exciting and romantic tourist destinations. And, prices are very low!

If your looking for a very special setting for your wedding, you will not be disappointed if you choose Cartagena.

We know what you're thinking You´ve got to be crazy. Plan my wedding on the Internet? And where you say? In Colombia-no way José.

Relax, or as the people here say: tranquilo. First, take a few minutes and check us out. We think, youll be glad you did!


There is no horizontal scrolling, banners or gimmicks to slow you down. Our Home Page Pull Down Menu permits quick access to in-depth of information about Cartagena. Probably more inside info. than you know about your hometown! Try it, and you will understand that right here, you have all of the information you need, to confidently plan this very special and important time in your life. If you were directed to this page by a Search Engine, click here to go to our Home Page and visit our section of Events Planners.


Your getaway marriage in romantic Cartagena, Colombia, could be the talk of your town for generations?

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