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Marriage is a lifetime partnership based on many things, including: Faith, Commitment, Need, and Communications. When a marriage works, it’s the greatest sustained experience and driving force in life. And when it fails, the breakup and lasting after-effects can be the most depressing imaginable.


“Getting Married and Honeymooning in Cartagena, Colombia”, is only the beginning of the: “getting to know you”, lifetime experience called: marriage. The next line of the popular show tune: “getting to know all about you”, will never happen. You will never really know your partner, and therefore, to be successful, your marriage must be based on: “faith”. The faith that each partner has in the other, can propel your marriage into a wonderful and growing lifetime experience. Faith prevails over: embarrassment, rumor and jealousy.


The personal commitment, toward making a success of your marriage, becomes greater with each “difference” introduced into the marriage. Major differences can be: economic, cultural, educational, religious, racial. etc. Each and every difference will be minimized, and finally “accepted”, as long as both partners remain continually committed to making their marriage a success.


In inter-cultural romances, the primary reason for marriage is often the personal need, for economic improvement. A European or North American partner who marries a Latino partner must accept that the primary reason for the marriage may have less to do with “love” than with personal economic improvement. The blessed partner, with an economic advantage, should have less difficulty in adjusting emotionally, for it is easier, and more fun, in a loving relationship, to give, than to receive. Once the marriage has progressed beyond the need to feel economically, or socially secure, the need for each others companionship and love, will be able grow unimpeded.


Reasons for entering into marriage are many, and complex. There is only one principal cause of failed marriages: poor communications. When open (without secrets) communications occur on a full time basis, between both partners, the relationship can grow more quickly into a lasting marriage. When communication involves language differences, it is impossible to accurately describe “feelings”, and therefore these couples require a much higher initial effort of sustained commitment and faith. The educational and emotional process of communication: teaching, learning, understanding, and accepting each other’s language, cultural and religious differences will eliminate any pre-existing racial prejudices.

And what about having: “good luck” in your marriage?
Luck is What YOU Make It.

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