- The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia


Thanks to my Wife and Mom, I saw the most amazing array of flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes, in the PROFLORA exposition, held in Cartagena the first week of October 07. This international event gathers Colombian and Ecuadorian flower growers with buyers from all over the world, traders, vendors, suppliers, laboratories and even a high tech solution vendor for remote control of greenhouses over the internet.

It was an unforgettable experience seeing all those flowers. Mini Roses, the size of a lime, Giant Roses, to be held with both hands, the shape of a large brandy glass, flowers that look like lettuce, Roses with velvet texture, foliage that look like coffee beans, waterless flowers…. And the colours, Unbelievable! Orange, Pistachio green, Intense yellow… Unimaginable colours in a real flower, I had to touch them to make sure they were not artificial.

The arrangements were simple, each exhibit, wanted to show the best of its products and the FLOWER was always the Star.

The last day the exposition was open to general public who paid $20.000 Col. Pesos, about 10 bucks, per person for charity of the local Rotary Club.

I took my camera with me, and I want to share the pictures with you. (the model is my honey: Adelaida).

Paul Juan
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