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Submitted by viewpoint on Sun, 02/06/2005 - 16:01.

What ever you do don't ship anything via DHL or any major Air Freight Forwarder without being sure of the rates. Your post doesn't state your point of shipping but I am assuming the USA. Find a freight forwarder that can handle your shipment from any of COPA Airlines departure cities in the USA or Puerto Rico and ship by them as it (can) will cost you 2/3 less. COPA can't take freight from you direct but can accept it from a freight company (freight forwarder) for further shipment to you in Bogotá. It's the cheapest airfreight that I know of. I receive a corporate discount from DHL and it still cost me $750 to ship several boxes of books, movies and business papers including customs clearance. After I saw the bill I fainted almost but started checking with COPA and they gave me the information and the contacts to bring the cost on a similar shipment to about $250. Please let me know what APx charges per lb. or kilo. DHL was about $2.50 lb into Medellin and the COPA route was less than .75 cents/lb. You could check with Avianca air freight department.

Call Tampa Airlines in Miami

Submitted by Chuck on Sat, 01/29/2005 - 06:32.

They used to charge about $0.75 per pound from Miami to Bogotá, Medellin and it comes as EQUIPAJE NO ACOMPAÑADO. You are the only one allowed by the customs to claim it. You cannot ship it to someone. Or you may... but then the receiving party has to do all the paperwork and pay duties and taxes which isn't worth it... unless you send a Picasso!

The $2.50 rate you were offered is an underground service called "por las brujas". They use your money to pay the airline, bribe te customs official and pay domestic parcel postage. It works but you are paying for corruption.


Submitted by miamimike on Sat, 01/29/2005 - 07:45.

I have used this company for like shipments.They have an office here in Miami-don't know if they are in your area. The web address is:Http://

They do door-door guaranteed.

I have found the worse shipping company in the world!!!

Has anyone dealt with this company:

I truly believe I have made a new discovery! They have to be the worse shipping company in the world!

I shipped a package from the U.S. to Colombia.

#1 They lost it!
#2 When I asked where it was they could not explain. They could only say "it would come some day" but could not tell me what day, or even tell me where it was.
#3 When I called the contact person he refused to answer his cell phone. I called 30 times. When he saw my number on the caller ID he would not answer. I called from another phone and he answered on the first ring, then when I asked why he was avoiding me, he said I never called.
#4 About 30 days late the cargo shows up.
#5 No one calls me to tell me it is here, I just kept calling every day to see when it would arrive.
#6 It is here now, but no one can explain how I am suppose to get it. Well, they explain then the next day say there is a problem with the paperwork.
#7 I have now spent 3 days of my time in the Chamber of Commerce, in Customs, in Notaries, only to be told again today "of sorry....but the paperwork is wrong".

It is now about 37 days from the time of leaving Miami. When I call the office in Cartagena they tell me one thing, when I call the office in Cali I am told another thing.

Truly incredible!!!!

I have asked them why I am paying a shipping company to import something for me when I am doing all the paperwork?? They cannot explain this. I ask them why no one in Cartagena can explain exactly what is needed to get the cargo. They cannot explain this. (Well, they do explain it, and the next day, they have a different explanation).


I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here!! I am in the internet cafe right now waiting for an email with the "new forms" I need to complete to get this cargo. Since it takes them 20 minutes to email me, I am writing this. When I have more time I will explain in greater detail just how bad this company is..........there is a whole lot more!!!!

Shipping to Cartagena...

Submitted by Patrick on Sat, 01/08/2005 - 01:19.

I don’t know why you all keep using these second or third rate shipping companies. I live in Cartagena; Federal Express is the only way to ship, period. I have shipped stuff from Curacao, Antigua and the States probably 30 times and have never had a problem. They have an office in Bocagrande on San Martin right next to BlockBuster Video. The two beautiful young ladies who work at the counter speak fairly good English. I always ship “Hold for Counter Pickup”. The girls call me, I go to the office, sign the paperwork, pay the duty, if any, and that’s it. I have only had to go to customs once and that was on a fairly large shipment. Perhaps, I have better luck because I use a freight forwarding company in the States. I have an account with them, it costs $150.00 a year and I save that much because they get a deep discount with FedEx and pass the savings along. So, Go FedEx! And no I don’t work for FedEx.


Submitted by maria1234 on Mon, 01/10/2005 - 04:17.

How the hell do you loose agricultural equipment weighing over 20 tons? Ask BaxGlobal, inc.

SHipping to Colombia

Submitted by pointofview on Tue, 08/10/2004 - 23:58.

I won't go into detail of my experiences but don't use an conventional airfreight forwarder (like DHL) as even the discounted rates are very high. Any shipment of more than 20 kilos must clear through a bonded warehouse at great expense. Single shipments should never exceed 20 kilos (42 lbs) and US$1,000 value or you will incur extra expense (big time). COPA Airlines has a good service and routing through them using a freight forwarder will save you $$$. Other routing by air can cost you $2.50 lb (discounted) or more so consider the value and weight of what you are shipping by air.

shipping containers to us from colombia

Submitted by dwmte on Tue, 06/08/2004 - 19:25.

well I've shipped a number of 40 ft containers from Buenaventura to Los Angeles and 20 ft from Cartagena to Miami. all shipments were done by professional forwarders and properly handled.

I noted a person said that there is good security in Cartagena and that theft is not a problem. I have shipped containers from Miami to Cartagena and Cartagena to Miami, and to say that theft is not a problem is as far from the truth as we can get.

I know personally, the director of the port in Cartagena, Hector Merlano and the director of the d.i.a.n., fanny kurtzman. did this help? absolutely not. I have had so much stuff stolen that one could do a book about the problem. I have been in the mulle (port) during entry and exit and they just put stuff in their pocket, assisted by the guards. it is truly unbelievable. ESPECIALLY when there are personal goods involved. commercial shipments have better luck. I've shipped both and the commercial shipments survive far, far better than personal belongings. I've complained and I might just as well have talked to a rock.

Then, upon entering the u.s. your property has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS until it has passed through and cleared customs. they steal here in the states as well. the same holds true...much more so with personal goods than with commercial shipments.

My advice. pack your things well, have very detailed lists of contents, prepare yourself for problems. and only use licensed, bonded forwarders to ship your goods to their final destination from the port. insist that the containers be locked and seals put on at the port; to be opened only at destination. the drivers will happily join the band of thieves. insist that the containers/truck be banded and sealed. go to the port office if necessary. insist on this.

All I can say--although the above is not exactly positive--is good luck, prepare for loss and after all is said and done, just lick your wounds and be glad it's done.

When I complained about losses at customs in of the inspectors asked me if I had my t.s.** card with me; he'd stamp it a couple of times.

again, good luck,

d w martin

p.s. i forgot. you must have your goods in the port 5-7 days prior to the shipping date (you will know the exact date from your shipping company) it takes about 7 days from Cartagena to reach Miami, maybe ten-twelve to NYC. you will know the exact dates from the shpg co. I personally prefer a Swiss company, 'schenker'. again, good luck

Gift & Dealing with Delivery Issues For My Novia

Hi All:

Well, since you guys have always provided excellent comments and suggestions in the past, I figure I'll probably receive the same again, so here goes...

I live in the US (NYC) and my novia lives in Cartagena. I looked at the FEDEX, UPS & Airbourne Express costs for shipping a gift (DVDs, perfume etc..) to Cartagena and the cost of shipping will clearly cost more than the gift itself (over $100 US to send a 3 lbs. package!!!).

I've thought about sending flowers and chocolate, but only seems to send flowers to Colombia (1-800 flowers doesn't deliver). How reliable is FTD? Any suggestions of any other companies that are less expensive or more reliable?

Does anybody have any suggestions for a chocolate vender that delivers in Colombia? I checked with Godiva, and they don't.

Does anybody have any other suggestions for gifts that I can purchase via web or phone that can be delivered to Cartagena?

Thanks In Advance For Your Help & Happy Holidays!!



Submitted by Mario on Tue, 12/14/2004 - 04:42.

Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I got the same quote from FedEx so I went to the post office and mailed my package for $35.00 US.

This is the only way to go for parcel delivery from the Un-United States of George W. Puta Cabron. You will get rooked otherwise.

It will take about a week for a package to get there, but hey - plan ahead amigo. It's worth the savings for sure.


Submitted by Miguel on Tue, 12/14/2004 - 06:27.

My experience is that the parcel the Post Office guarantees to be delivered in two weeks from St. Louis to Barranquilla gets there between 2-3 weeks, and it arrives intact. Mario is right, as it is much more cost effective than Fed Ex.