- The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
By Dennis Drenner ~ March 14th, 2011

Six and a Half Reasons to Get Married in Cartagena, Colombia

1. It’s cheap: Airfares from the East Coast dip as low as $300 at many times of year, $100 will get you a super-charming hotel room, $5 will get you a hearty lunch and $2 will get you an ice cold beer in my favorite salsa bar (Donde Fidel).

2. It’s easy to get to: There is a maximum one hour time difference with the East Coast, its only a three hour flight from Florida, and the city is only 10 minutes from the friendly little airport. Traveling to Cartagena is a snap.

3. It’s already decorated: With all the beautiful old churches and stone walls, brightly painted colonial houses, flowering vines and whatnot, there’s really not much you need to do to improve things.

4. Aimless wandering: When they’re not attending your wedding, your guests can walk out the door of their hotel and immediately start bumping into great restaurants, museums, street dancers, pick up soccer games and guys selling delicious cups of fresh cut mango. They will have fun, and you don’t have to plan a thing.

5. It’s safe: Don’t let old stereotypes frighten you. Cartagena is probably safer than whatever city you live in. That said, if there is someone you don’t want coming to your event, try to bring Pablo Escobar up in conversation every so often.

6. The cool factor: Despite what I said in point five, most people back home will think you a daring adventurer for traveling to Colombia, traveling in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain and Michael Douglas from Romancing the Stone.

6.5. This one is less a reason than a reason to believe me, so I only count it half: I have photographed weddings in Cartagena, and I myself recently got married there (to my lovely Colombian bride Karen). Which is to say, I know of what I speak and put my money where my mouth is!

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