- The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
   The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia
By Tom Ocean / Feb 11

Blue Horseshoe LOVES Colombia Part I

Colombia es Rico!

Are you looking for the next land of opportunity? Does talk of massive government debt, bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment have you singing the blues? Escapeartist is about to provide you with an insider tip to the next ‘in’ location. We are talking about a location where all the smart money is moving to, a country vast with resources, a beautiful culture and probably the most attractive women on planet earth. (It’s true) –

Names like Sam Zell (Billionaire) and Carlos Slim (Billionaire) and many others are investing in Colombia right now. Why are they investing? Why are tourism rates in Colombia skyrocketing? Why is the Colombian stock market returning double digit returns? Why is Colombia leading the Latin American rim in attracting foreign direct investment?

Escapeartist has the insider scoop on Colombia and we are going global with it! – We were on the front lines of Costa Rica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Argentina and NOW Colombia!

Escapeartist has partnered with Investment Group Colombia to provide our readers with authoritative articles that are written by Escapeartist readers who actually live the Colombia Escapeartist Dream right now. Escapeartist over the next few months will be providing special coverage of Colombia and we will be getting the truth from the ‘frontline’ early adopters, the market mavens, pioneers of the international Colombia lifestyle!

Our intention is to create a tsunami of awareness for Colombia over the next year and you are getting the very first newsletter that we have published on Colombia – Nothing like being at the right place at the right time… right before 15 million people learn about this beautiful country – Colombia is Passion!

Please enjoy the first of three Special Edition Colombia Ezine – This month we covered Bogota, in March we will cover Medellin and in April we will feature the romantic ciudad of Cartagena.

Now, go on and get your insider tip and learn more about Why Escapeartist Loves Colombia

Fifteen years ago, Escapeartist took the “path-less traveled” and planted the Escapeartist flag in Costa Rica. Dozens of media and expat organizations courageously followed our steps in spreading the good news about Costa Rica. As a result of this decision, MILLIONS of people experienced, enjoyed and explored Costa Rica; hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate were bought and sold; millions of plane seats were filled; and hotels, eco-resorts and golf courses were built because of the articles written by Roger Gallo, the readers and staff of Escapeartist and other international living websites.

Those who have witnessed the history of Costa Rica’s rise from a banana republic to the 800- pound gorilla of eco-tourism may already be aware of the ‘Escapeartist Effect’ for creating visibility and influence. The Costa Rican government, their citizens, and people from all over the world have benefited from the wealth gained from the global awareness that our world-renowned publication Escape From America Ezine and the Escapeartist website have generated.

The Escapeartist Real Estate section has been recognized as the 8th most powerful real estate portal in the world and has provided international realtors, developers and landowners with free access to the global marketplace. Every real estate lot that has been sold has expanded the financial ecosystem of Costa Rica and other emerging growth countries. We will be the first to admit that we are not responsible for all of the business transacted, but we did prime the pump and push Costa Rica towards its ‘tipping point’ and helped power the eco-tourism beacon that now shines around the world.

Escapeartist and other notable expat organizations have raised the quality of life for millions of people in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and South American by focusing on the best and highest qualities of their country’s culture and not destroying it with politicized agendas. Our mission has been to help people realize their ‘Escapeartist Dream,’ and this has translated into Escapeartist becoming one of the largest unofficial private investment promotion agencies in the world.

Escapeartist is a global ‘weapon of massive awareness’ that will be used to lift countries up, not tear them down. Escapeartist has influenced billions of dollars in foreign-direct investment not only for Costa Rica, but also for Mexico, Panama, Belize, Honduras, Argentina, Brazil and many other countries around the world.

Why is this important to you? And, how can you get involved with the Escapeartist Mission?

Escapeartist has now planted another flag on the globe, and we want our readers to know about our new commitment for putting Colombia on the list for “best destinations in the world.” The country of Colombia is not only a beautiful country, it is absolutely and unequivocally deserving of the positive public relations that Escapeartist can provide! Colombia has one of the richest and most beautiful cultures of any country in the world but its unique offerings have been hidden in a cloud of geo-economic dis-information that has been mislabeled as the ‘war on drugs.’

Over the last decade, the world has watched Colombia fight courageously to right its own ship, only to have other countries sensationalize stories of murder and drugs to further their protectionist approach by slinging media warfare. Mainstream media organizations in the pursuit of ratings and advertising dollars have created irreprehensible damage within the Colombian culture and thwarted economic development that Colombia so deservingly needs.

The good news that this decision creates is that you no longer have to rely on popular cable news because Escapeartist will feature real stories and the truth about Colombia’s virtues and offer you ‘authoritative value’ that our readers have come to expect. Colombia now has a major ally in Escapeartist in the battle against disinformation and a partner in promoting foreign direct investment. Escapeartist is now declaring that…

“Blue Horseshoe LOVES Colombia!”

That phrase is from the famous words of Gordon Gekko and Budd Fox in the well-known movie Wall Street, “Blue horseshoe loves Colombia.” Escapeartist, along with the biggest investment research firms in the world, are elevating Colombia as the “shining star” of Latin America, and in possibly of all of the Americas.

2011 is the year for Colombia and EscapeArtist is going to prove it to you by providing real stories from real expats about Colombia. We are boldly saying that if this beautiful country is not on your list of places to travel to in 2011, then it should be.

Request our Investor’s Guide to Colombia and read what the BIG BOYS have to say about this undiscovered gem of a country! CLICK HERE

Are you in search of the next Costa Rica or Panama? Drum roll please…..

Over the next few years, Escapeartist will reveal the beauty of Colombia, prime the positive ‘PR pump,’ and pave the way for millions of travelers to experience the rich culture, the quality of life and the incredible investment opportunities that are available in Colombia. In the past, we have been criticized for our passion that we have for Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Argentina and many other countries. So, to the media and pundits, we say, “Take your best shot and throw out your crime rates, your drug stories and your political instability theories and we will be glad to compare them to the major cities right in your own back yard.” No country is without its problems, economic and societal challenges.

Do people get murdered in Colombia? Yes, and people are also murdered in Tucson, Arizona, or Sydney, Australia, and London, England. Is there a drug problem in Colombia? Yes, and it could be speculated that the high consumption of drugs in the United States could be the source. Can you live a very peaceful life and experience a high quality of life in Colombia by enjoying nutritious food, excellent air quality and drinking water that has not been recycled with poisonous levels of chlorine? You bet you can! Does it take courage to make your first trip to Colombia…for some, it may! Will it be worth it…absolutely. We love Colombia and so will you!

Colombia is rich with culture and the Colombian people are some of the most educated and gracious people you will meet in the world. If you want to learn Spanish, learn it from a Colombian as they have some of the best pronunciation in Latin America. Colombia is certainly home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, and it hosts world class vacation destinations that are pristine and untouched by commercial developers. Colombia is a leader in the mining industry, agriculture, fashion, petroleum and precious stones. Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota, and Cali Colombia are bustling business centers with the technological infrastructure to support the operations of fortune 500 companies.

If you are interested in joining the list of early pioneers who explore, enjoy and experience the incredible opportunities that Colombia has to offer, you can start by requesting the Investors Guide to Colombia and connect with Escapeartist’s partners who are on the ground in Colombia. Escapeartist is proud to announce the launch of a new division of Escapeartist called Investment Group International which is a select group of Expats who will assist Escapeartist readers with their decisions relating to living, investing, retiring, and starting businesses in their host countries. Our first partners in Colombia, Don, John, Jim and George, along with their very well connected network of Colombian associates including Carlos Pinel and Jorge Duque, are successful business men who live in Medellin and have firsthand experience with Colombia. They will be happy to provide you with guidance and advice that you need in Colombia and most likely will meet you at the airport when you arrive. Over the next few years we plan to expand the IGI business to over 60 countries creating a partnership of qualified people who can assist Escapeartist readers in realizing their Escapeartist Dream.

Our first partners in Colombia, Don, John, Jim and George, along with their very well-connected network of Colombian associates, are successful businessmen who live in Medellin and have firsthand experience with Colombia. They will be happy to provide you with guidance and advice that you need in Colombia, and they will most likely meet you at the airport when you arrive. Over the next few years, we plan to expand the IGI business to over 60 countries creating a partnership of qualified people who can assist Escapeartist readers, like you, in realizing their Escapeartist Dream.

Bloomberg, USA Today and many other media organizations are realizing that Colombia has been the ‘abused child’ of the United States’ ‘Drug War,’ and no one has suffered more than the women and children of Colombia. It is time for this to stop. The governments have proven that they are incapable of accomplishing this task and in the author’s opinion, they have done more to finance the problem than to destroy it.

“Positive awareness,” that actually showcases the greatness of Colombia and its beautiful culture will do more to eliminate the drug problem and tear down the ‘smear campaigns of the last 20 years.” It may be true that Colombia does a mediocre job of eradicating the bad stories about themselves, or maybe the first-world countries do a great job of sensationalizing their bad stories. Two things are for certain, tourism and foreign direct investment hold the keys for transforming Colombia into a 21st century tourism Mecca!

According to the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, Colombia is leading the world in attracting massive amounts of foreign direct investment, and companies are realizing that due to its geographic location, Colombia could become one of the most important distribution centers in the world. The weather is phenomenal, the beaches are beautiful and the people of Colombia are even more beautiful.

It is time that the Escapeartist reader (who in our opinion, are the most courageous readers and ‘adventuralists’ in the world) make their trek to Colombia and help move it towards the tipping point of being known as a top travel and living destination as Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil and Argentina have become.

In Part II we will begin exploring the major cities of Colombia. Be sure to visit our new website about Colombia and if you have questions about Colombia drop Don or John an email.

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