THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEANThe Naval Museum of the Caribbean
Cartagena, Colombia

THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEANTHE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEAN, in Cartagena, Colombia, is located in the 16th. Century area within the walled city, and between the bastion of San Francisco Javier and the Monastery, Museum and Church of San Pedro Claver.

THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEAN has permanent exhibitions relating to: the Military Naval History of Cartagena de Indias, Universal Navigation, the Colombian Navy, including current times. Plus exhibitions representing the Colonial and early Republican periods.

The museum has two large wings, nearly a football field in length, separated by two garden patios, and a stairwell leading to the second floor.

THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEANThe West Wing, called: "The Colonial Wing", was constructed during the first part of the 17th. century. It served as the first school in the Americas for the Society of Jesuits who were later expelled from all dominions of King Carlos III of Spain. Later, between 1768 and 1885, the building served as the Hospital of San Juan de God.

The Eastern wing of the museum, is called: "The Republicana Wing". Constructed in the early 1900´s, it quartered the First Battalion of the newly created Colombia Marines.

THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEANIn 1984, the Colombia Navy, the Jesuits, and several local leaders combined efforts, and in 1985, the O.A.S. (Organization of American States) and CARIMOS (Organization of the Great Caribbean for Monuments and Sites) approved a proposal which was offered by the Ambassador of Colombia to the Dominican Republic, Mauricio Obregón. The Proposal called for the creation of The Naval Museum for all the Caribbean.

In 1986, at the international meeting of commissioners representing the Fifth Centenary of America, the project was approved. On February 26, 1988 the FOUNDATION NAVAL MUSEUM of THE CARIBBEAN was formally established. Legal statutes were approved, and Dr. Mauricio Obregón was elected President and Chief. Vice-admiral Eduardo Wills Or, was named head of the administration council, and the work of restoration and refurbishment of the building began. The O.A.S. financed the first architectural studies through CARIMOS and the Colombian Navy.

The museum's objectives are to:
Create a greater awareness of naval history of the Caribbean Sea.
Conserve and exhibit historical artifacts and information relating to the naval history of the Caribbean.
To facilitate the development of sub aquatic archaeology in the Caribbean.
Serve as a collaborator with other museums, Colombian, and foreign organizations.
Create events and publications for the dissemination of information relating to the history of the Caribbean Sea.

THE NAVAL MUSEUM OF THE CARIBBEANThe museum, is equipped with modern lighting and display facilities, which coexist harmoniously within the space of the Colonial and Republican Wings. The museum exhibits interesting historical, scientific and interactive learning materials, donated by the Colombian Navy and several countries of the Caribbean.

The Museum welcomes contact from those in a position to donate further information or items of historical value relating to the Objectives of the Museum.

Contact: Capitán de Fragata (retired) Enrique Millán Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Subdirector.
Tel/Fax: 57 5 664 2440, Cartagena, Colombia.

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