University of Cartagena
Calle de la Universidad

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Erected in 1580, and then later completely altered. It has a lovely interior garden, which is a pleasant place to take a brake. The University's inner court is surrounded by harmonious archways.

NOTE: take the side entrance. Mention to the security guards that you are "Turistas", and you should have no problems of entry to see and take pictures of the beautiful interior courtyard.
During my first six months in Cartagena, when I was "building" , I stayed in a small family hotel across from the University. I paid by the month, in advance, and was able to get my large room with cold water shower, without a window, for about $2.50 a night. There were many nights, where the hotel's occupancy rate, because of use by the young, lovely and tempting "prepagos", exceeded 100%. But it was quiet, secure, often used by traveling families, and I was never "bothered". This second floor, ten room hotel, has since been sold and remodeled. The current owner does not rent by the hour, does not use E-mail, and does not have a Home Page, so I'm sure the occupancy rate is quite low. The neighborhood is interesting with a wide mix of students, stores, residents and tourists.
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