Coach Square
Avenida Blas de Lezo
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Hundreds of thousands of black slaves, hunted down, and brought here from Africa were sold and branded in this Plaza. Many were then shipped to the new colonies. Veracruz, Mexico and Cartagena were the only two official ports designated by the King of Spain, to trade slaves. The Spanish crown had forbidden the enslavement of the native Amerindians. The name "Coach Square", dates to the past century, and applies today as well, as this is a designated boarding area to tour the city in a horse drawn coach.

Statue of Pedro Heredia - Founder of Cartagena de Indias in 1533. His foresight is responsible for the city of today, being in such pristine condition. After a fire destroyed early Cartagena, Pedro de Heredia declared that all future construction must be of stone, brick and cement.

El Portal de los Dulces: Under the archways is the Portal of the Sweets where you can buy fresh homemade sweets from the candy maker ladies. Ummmmmm good!
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