Technology and Equipment
Scanner Phibo®
Intraoral camara with digital screen
Portable X rays
Periodontal Cavitron
X ray viewer
Propyilaxis with profiflex
Apical locator
Digital therapy laser
Electric scalpel
Zoom whitening
Oral Rehabilitation
Surgery and Pathology
Oral Implantology
Odontología Avanzada de Jorge Maciá is and avant guarde dental clinic offering integral service to its patients, with a select group of specialized professionals, who guarantee the correct execution of treatments and the solution to all odonthological needs in a single place.
Address: Bocagrande, Av. San Martin #14-97, Edificio Seguros Bolivar, Local 6.
Tel: (57 5) 645 3618. Cel: (57) 300 755 8046 - 320 567 7813. Cartagena, Colombia.
Phone USA - Colombia: 305 914 2064.
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