Maestro Enrique Grau's Visit to Colegio Britanico, Feb 14 2002

Señor Grau was happy to pose for my class 4B, who had been patiently waiting for him for more than an hour.
The numbers in the background are cummulative house points.

Maestro Enrique Grau was born in 1920 in Panama, but grew up in Cartagena. The painting above is one of Grau's most famous. Painted in 1940, it is called Cartagena Mulattress. From 1980 onwards he started sculpting as well as painting. His home town contains many of his works including the statue of Cartagena's own saint, San Pedro Claver, and the interior of Teatro Heredia. The boy standing next to Grau is Eduardo "Kike" Piñeros, a student of mine and relative of Grau's. The photo below shows Señor Grau in the Colege Library signing postcards for Adolfo Fox, another student of mine, while the Primary Art Director and I look on. Mr Grau ran out of postcards but signed a piece of paper and did a small drawing on it for me.






Glen David Short is a freelance writer based in Cartagena. His new adventure travelogue, `An Odd Odyssey: California to Colombia by bus and boat' has just been published by Trafford Publishing.

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