Happy without wealth
January 10, 2006

THROW away that lottery ticket . . . you'll never find true happiness in wealth.

The secret to contentment is a loving family.

The proof is in a global survey covering 100,000 people in 90 countries.

In Britain, where people are healthier and wealthier than ever, happiness levels have barely risen in 30 years.

Britain was ranked joint 21st with Germany in a table showing levels of happiness in each nation, behind much poorer places such as Uruguay and Colombia.

Prof Ruut Veenhoven, who did the research, said: "I was surprised to see countries like Mexico ranking so highly.

"But Latin America is known for its warm family ties, the way of life and enjoyment of festivals, all of which contribute to people's happiness."

Prof Veenhoven, editor-of the Journal of Happiness Studies, has been analysing emotional wellbeing in countries around the world for decades.

Malta is the happiest place, while Denmark, Switzerland and Colombia are joint second.

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