The Guide To Cartagena, Colombia


This calendar will make your vacation planning easier. It includes all festivities, holidays and major events that take place in Cartagena. Days in red are official holidays. Days in blue are events that take place in Cartagena.

High Season (blue): December 15th - January 15th, Holy Week (Easter Holy Day), June 20th.-.July 20th.
Low Season: rest of the year (exceptions are noted on the calendar).

We suggest that international travelers consider dates during the low season to obtain the best hotel rates and encounter fewer crowds:

- Holidays in Colombia are FIXED: They are the same calendar day, each year. For example: July 20 is Colombia's Independence from Spain, Christmas Day is December 25, and New Years Day is Jan. 1.
- Mobile Emiliani Law: these holidays are moved to the next Monday to enhance free time. For Example: Columbus Day October 12th. falls on Sunday, so the next day, Monday the 13th. is a no work day.


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