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The National Coral Park of The Rosario Islands is located in the southeast area of Cartagena Bay, in the Caribbean Sea. The Park has an area of 19.506 acres, an altitude of 0 meters above sea level and an annual water temperature variation between 80-90 degrees F.

There are two routes to the Park:

 By Land: Go through Mamonal until you enter the Barú neighborhood, around Pasacaballos, then cross the Dique’s Canal.
 By Water: Go to Pegasos Pier. Boats depart and return to this pier. The boat trip takes between one.

Park Objective:


To preserve the tropical marine ecosystems and the ecology richness of the plantation of mangrove trees, the marine pasture meadows, and the formation of natural corals.

Outstanding Characteristics: The mangrove and meadows are a natural means for the growth of seaweed. The fauna of the marine world is outstanding.

Things to Do and See:
The Aquarium of San Martin of Pajaral, the lake of Mohán, the Marsh of Cholin, and snorkeling around the Islands of Cartagena and Barú.

Departure time for the tours 7 - 9 a.m.

Islas del Rosario

Islas del Rosario


First Tour: Tour the Boquilla and the Totumo Volcano, a typical Village, canoe trips through beautiful mangroves. Or experience something you have never done-take a wonderful medical mud-bath at the volcano. Tour lasts 5 hours.

Second Tour: Visit our beautiful nursing-zoo of alligators: more than 20,000 live reptiles such as: snakes, crocodiles. See the raising of young in incubators, etc. Then enjoy strolling through the Botanical Gardens featuring a wide variety of different species of flowers and plants.

Special Cartagena de Indias,Walled City Tour
Visit the Getsemaní area, and popular locations such as the Cloister of San Francisco, the Plaza of Trinidad, romantic area streets, Centenario Park, Apolo Park, the Nuñez House and Gardens (Museum), the richly beautiful Heredia Theater, and the fountains of Bolivar Plaza. Tour lasts between 3 to 4 hours.

Daily tours are offered to the Cities of Santa Marta and Barranquilla.
For more information including times, details and prices, for any of these Tour Guide Day Trips, please ask at the Front Desk of your hotel.

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