CARING for your Emeralds
Emeralds are much more durable than softer gems such as opals, pearls, red corals and tanzanite's and harder than most steel. Here is some good advice for the care of your Emeralds.
  1. Always remove your emerald ring before heavy activities, washing dishes by hand, or working with tools. A hard knock against a copper dish pan, or stainless steel sink can break your emerald.
  2. Clean your Emerald periodically (when it is clearly dirty!) with warm water and dish-detergent. Perform this operation with the help of a soft toothbrush. Clean it well, rinse it and dry it.
  3. DO NOT USE ANY ULTRASONIC OR STEAM CLEANERS. Avoid rapid temperature changes and high heat.
  4. Emeralds should be re-oiled every 2-5 years and reset only by jewelers experienced with the special handling requirements of these fine gems.
  5. Loose stones should be stored in velvet-lined boxes within individual compartments. They should be stored separately from diamonds and other harder gems to prevent scratching.